Addistag Systems is primarily engaged to pursue innovations in mobile software development. We also provide information technology services which can foster the growing urban lifestyle in Ethiopia. Since establishment the company has released several mobile applications and website for a number of sectors.

Our Products and Services

Berhan Books

Berhan Books This book app keeps track of new and classic local books for readers. Follow new published books. See details about the books like writer, publisher, pages, price etc. See the book cover Above all you are privileged to read the


Addistag Places

AddisTAG is a business directory mobile application tailor made for Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian cities. This app makes exploring places in Addis Ababa very easy. You can check local name of places and businesses around you. Searching businesses using keywords


Ethiopian Time Widget

Ethiopian time widget brings you a home screen display of Ethiopian local date and time in Geez and Arabic numbers. It also shows date and time in selected time zone. The app has a full calendar functions, time zone lists

United Bank Locator App

United Bank Locator App

Locator app for United Bank service outlets – Branches, ATMs and Agents. The app has deep integration with google maps API and location services. It works offline and also syncs with back-end location database.

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Addistag Systems PLC has successfully completed development of mobile application which locates United Bank's service outlets. The company has facilitated data collection, developed the system and carried out deployment of United Bank Locator App. I am impressed by the creativity and effort shown to successfully accomplish the project.

Melaku Kebede V/P Systems and E-Banking

Selam Taxi Hauling System

Selam Taxi Hauling System allows taxi business owners to have their own branded taxi hauling mobile application. Our product enables taxi companies to own mobile apps branded by their name and logo.